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I began my career behind the MAC counter, where despite MAC’s reputation for bold color and dramatic looks, I developed a reputation as “the makeup artist with the light hand.” Though my aesthetic sensibility leaned toward light and natural, my training and certifications through MAC laid the foundation for techniques I would later use as the foundation for my own private client work.


My approach to makeup is rooted in a strong belief that natural makeup can be as impactful and long-lasting as makeup applied with a heavier hand.  Its not about how much makeup is used, its about how its applied. When a bride informs me that she woke up the morning after her wedding with her makeup in tact, I consider it both an achievement and a compliment (although I never advise my clients to sleep in their makeup!). I’ve carefully cultivated techniques that consider both natural and artificial light sources (including cameras), and focus on makeup that looks beautiful in both. I use top industry favorites as well as proprietary blends and custom developed products to create unique, flawless looks with lasting finishes.


When I’m not working with my clients or brides, I work for one of the country's leading cosmetic manufacturers, where I am hands-on with both product development and marketing. I’m passionate about the beauty industry and with furthering my understanding of cosmetic products from creation to application, and am eager to continue my education and drive trends.

“As a recent bride myself, I have learned from first hand experience how unique the needs of brides are on their special days. I’m more eager

than ever to help my brides feel beautiful not only throughout their day,

but for years to come as they cherish their photos.”



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